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cartoonbarrel © wrobbert.


For early readers.

Hello. Cartoon Barrel is copyrighted by me, Beeba. I am also known as wrobbert or wrobbert cartoons. If you have a use for Cartoon Barrel just email me at cartoonbarrel@gmail.com.


If you represent a school or are a teacher I approve you/your school using Cartoon Barrel there. If you wish to read, display, have activities with it or redistribute my material to the children just go right ahead. You can use the drawings as spot drawings in your school publications as well. A simple "copyright Beeba's Cartoon Barrel" notice near it or a link to cartoonbarrel.com will suffice.


Commercial usage is a case by case basis.


If you have any questions or ideas about Cartoon Barrel usage just email me at cartoonbarrel@gmail.com. We'll work it out.



Paying for Cartoon Barrel

Pay what you want and printed books


I'm thinking of adding a feature called Pay What You Want. What this means is that if you feel you want to make a contribution to Cartoon Barrel and help keep it free you can.


We're all in this together and it's for our children. I'll do what I can to keep it affordable for everyone. It's an ever evolving work in progress and I'm open to feedback as well.


I have a print collection for sale at Amazon and I will have other print books there as well. Eventually I'll have other products. We'll see.